In 2024, la CGT stays at your side

The CGT union at Airbus Commercial Aircraft wishes you a happy new year. This year will be specific in many ways.


2024 is the year in which the Reload agreement comes into force: new classification, annualization, increase in the “forfait jour”, etc. The CGT will continue to fight this agreement by promoting the idea of a different social status guaranteeing new rights.

The new classification system is less protective and causes numerous problems in its implementation. Many have been given a classification that is completely inconsistent with the same job in the same department, in another sector or in another Group subsidiary; in other words, a classification that is felt to be « customer-driven », when it is the job that is supposed to be classified! 

Conversely, the CGT is calling for a classification system based on the recognition of professional experience and qualifications, which would allow for real career development.


2024 follows three consecutive years of high inflation, at 12.9% over this period, while the minimum wage (SMIC) has risen by 13.5%. At Airbus, wage negotiations have not enabled employees to maintain their purchasing power. For the CGT union, wages should be doubled over a career, regardless of inflation. 

Salary negotiations will start at Group level in February and will be followed by negotiations at subsidiary level. On this occasion, the CGT will consult you to find out what your expectations are.

Working hours

In 2024, the pace of work will continue to increase. This must not be used as an excuse to resort to overtime (annualized overtime). Similarly, in the Design Office, the “forfait jour” must not be used to disguise overtime in order to cope with increased workloads. The CGT will continue to demand recruitment and investment so that everyone can do their job in good conditions.

Safety at work

In 2024, management is continuing to make safety a priority. It’s also a priority for the CGT! But this must not be achieved by making employees feel guilty, by making them solely responsible for accidents at work, which can affect all categories of employees, from blue to white collars. 

Safety is first and foremost the responsibility of the employer, who must provide collective protection and suitable working conditions to compensate for human factors (fatigue, inattention, etc.).

In short, there will be no shortage of reasons to mobilize. 2024 is also the year in which the CGT becomes representative again at Airbus Operations. You, Airbus employees, can count on the 29 CGT elected and mandated representatives (and the 4 ones at Airbus SAS) to be at your side at all times.

So don’t hesitate any longer… Get in touch with us! Come and meet us! Come and join us!

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